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by fishthing606
Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:57 am
Forum: Showcase
Topic: strobe and geist combo
Replies: 2
Views: 1926

strobe and geist combo

a new tune which uses strobe and geist

https://soundcloud.com/l-fish-press-lee ... echnicolor
by fishthing606
Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:56 am
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Geist jam
Replies: 1
Views: 2626

Geist jam

A tune i made in geist, just jamming with the scenes

I used the Goldbaby Synthetic and the Analogue Mayhem packs.

hope you enjoy!

http://soundcloud.com/l-fish-press-lee/ ... keit-laune
by fishthing606
Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:46 am
Forum: Showcase
Topic: L Fish Press Lee
Replies: 1
Views: 2843

L Fish Press Lee

most of my music uses either DCAM synths or geist or both. if you would like to listen to some of my tunes please visit https://soundcloud.com/l-fish-press-lee thanks :)
by fishthing606
Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:29 am
Forum: FX Website Support
Topic: maul doesnt fit on the screen
Replies: 0
Views: 1726

maul doesnt fit on the screen

using maul in ableton on pc, its rather annoying that if i want to move a knob at one side of maul, then move a knob at the other side, i have to drag the plug in around all the time as it as it doesn't fit on the screen. my screen resolution is set as high as it goes, anything i can do?
by fishthing606
Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:27 pm
Forum: GURU
Topic: pirate license
Replies: 1
Views: 4328

pirate license

guru told me today that i have a pirated serial number, i bought in in september and has been fine till now, what can i do to fix this. im running on a mac os x 10.5.8

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