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Problems with PT 7-8 and VST plug Groove Agent 3 and Halion Symphony Orchestra

Support for the VST To RTAS Adapter

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Problems with PT 7-8 and VST plug Groove Agent 3 and Halion Symphony Orchestra

Postby fransmo » Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:35 am

I bought the VST to RTAS adapter some weeks ago. The only reason therefore was to be able to do what it´s said to do: to be able to run VSTplugs in ProTools. My experience is that you might as well throw money into the sea than to buy software products from a company such asFXpansion. I am responsible personally for buying software licenses for the university I am working at at. We have a list of banned companies in which FXpansion is now added, any BFD licences will be cancelled. I am sad to say.

The fact is that I´ve informed FXpansion, through both the forum and the support contact form, that this adapter doesn´t work at all on an imac 2,4/2gh/M-audio Fw410 running PT 8 and the current versions of either Groove Agent 3 och Halion Symphony Orchestra.
Neither one of these plugs gets wrapped, and if Steinbergs own plugs doesnt work, which ones will?

I simply want my money back if it is impossible to get the adapter to work as promised. However I´ve now gotten in contact with the support team and been promised a solution of one sort or another. Let´s be hopeful.
/ yours fransmo
VstProbe log FM.doc
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Postby Rory_FX » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:56 pm

Hello Fransmo,

No definitely not a case of fraud, or sucking support.

Infact, the last email we had from you was on Thurs Jan 29, after I personally had requested crash logs from you. Your email simply stated "I´ll have to send it to you tomorrow night, since I am away from home today.". I did not respond to this as I was expecting you to email the next day.

The email didn't come. Then this....

We already have your vstprobe.log, which doesn't tell us anything conclusive. If you'd like to respond to the support ticket I'll happily continue looking into the problem. I can understand your frustration, but please change the offensive title of this thread. We are not in the business of fraud and we pride ourselves on good technical support.

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