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Desperately searching for a compatible vst eq plug for PT 6.4

Support for the VST To RTAS Adapter

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Desperately searching for a compatible vst eq plug for PT 6.4

Postby jeffappleton » Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:52 pm

Hey all,
Here I am again, trying to actually get this program to work. I bought it a year or two ago and never had any success. I'm in the middle of project now and desperately need an "old" style 30/31/32 band eq (the kind with the individual sliders, not the parametric one.
Anyway, I'm using a Digi 001, PT 6.4 a Mac G4 & OS 10.3

Could someone please, please, please provide a link to a multiple band eq that is "known" to work with the vst adapter. Right now I can' t figure out if I just don't know how to use the system, if I don't have the right type of vst, or if there's something intrisically wrong with the program and my system. I'd so greatful and appreciate any link to an eq that anybody might be be able to provide.


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Postby Angus_FX » Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:34 pm

Don't have any freebies, I'm afraid.. the problem you are likely to run in to is that most plugins are now Universal Binary, and Apple made it hard for developers to build Universal Binaries that would still work on OS X 10.3.

I think these guys are probably your best bet -> <- however they only do up to 10 and 12 band.

There's also this one:-
.. it is advertised as a linear phase 1/3rd octave EQ; 31 band EQs were typically 1/3rd octave spaced, while the GUI on this one doesn't look much like a traditional EQ, it should sound very close. 15 day free trial.
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