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vst-rtas 2.1.1 failure in pt 8.01 cs3

Support for the VST To RTAS Adapter

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vst-rtas 2.1.1 failure in pt 8.01 cs3

Postby gsanoff » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:26 am

i am having the biggest headache trying to get vst plug-ins to load in protools
using the wrapper.
my vst plugs all work fine on my desktop which is running leopard and ptools 8.0.1 cs3, but its a g5.

my macbook pro however is giving me a royal pita.

i run the fxpansion adaptor and it doesn't load most of my working vst plugs.
some of this makes sense because they are old and possibly not coded for universal binary,
but others like the mdsp freakoscope also come up as unavailable. and forget about the old mda ones.
or my ni pro 53.

i can believe that some of this is due to some macintel incompantibility
BUT here is the weird part: after wrapping the plug-ins on my machine and
quitting out of the wrapper, attempting to relaunch the wrapper leads to nothing
but the wrapper crashing. the plug ins that do load work fine in protools however.
but once it crashes, the wrapper will not reboot without trashing all preferences
and reinstalling the program. having done this 6 times today
i'm completely at a loss and also totally annoyed.

please help!
geoff sanoff

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Postby Angus_FX » Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:09 am


Can you send us the crash logs, please?

To tell if a plugin is Intel Mac compatible, you can do the following tests:-

- If the filename doesn't end in ".vst", it's NOT intel mac compatible. You should get rid of any VSTs that are just called "foo bar" instead of "foo bar.vst".

- If the filename does end in ".vst", you can Get Info on it (Apple+I). In "Kind", it will say "VST Plugin (ppc)", "VST Plugin (x86)", "VST Plugin (Universal)". Again, get rid of any that are PPC only.

Once you do that, the wrapper should be able to scan all the plugins without crashing.
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