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2 VST ISSUES: DAE Error & Brief Pausing (When Sustain Pedal is in Use).

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:42 am
by MitchCVP207
I am noticing a strange incident going on with the VST/RTAS-wrapper.
When I insert a wrapped VST into Pro Tools LE 8.0.4, eventually the VST instrument stops responding for a brief second.
and then I get a DAE error saying "You are running out of CPU power. Remove some RTAS plug-ins or increase the CPU Usage Limit in the Playback Engine dialog (-9128)"

To which I am noticing issues...

#1. I would like to confirm that this is happening when I am in Record Mode in Protools, for the selected VST instrument , Musiclabs (RealGuitar 2L), while using the sustain pedal, on my MAudio Keystation Pro 88.

#2. Constant usage of the sustain pedal for the selected wrapped VST eventually leads to a pause, in which the instrument fails to play anything at all, and you hear a brief "pause/pop"

But when I use the standalone program of RealGuitar 2L outside of Pro Tools LE..everything works just fine?

What is the issue of causing this in Pro Tools, and how can I fix it so that my VSTs will work properly when using the sustain pedal?

Anybody else had this issue?

*Windows 7 64bit*
*Pro Tools 8.0.4*
*Maudio Key Station Pro 88 Midi Controller/Keyboard