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will not launch

Support for the VST To Audio Unit Adapter v1.x and v2.x

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will not launch

Postby pd513 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:53 am

everytime i try to launch the prog i get this message: "the audi units plug-ins folder (/library(audio(plug-ins/components) doesn't exist or couldn't be accessed. please make sure it exists and that you have permission to write to it, and then run this program again."

well, this folder does exist and i also have permission to write to it. so what's the problem?
help me please if not the i tossed 99 dollars down the drain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Postby scottd12 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:02 pm

i have the same problem

can anybody help?

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Postby vocalvoodoo » Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:15 pm

Any workaround for this? I have the same problem.

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Postby Crips » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:53 pm

Same here.

I performed a fresh install of Mavericks and I am experiencing the same issue. Now, previously, I upgraded to Mavericks from Snow Leopard and everything was fine because I had already wrapped my plug-ins under Snow Leopard, so everything functioned fine after the upgrade in Logic Pro X. But now, after my fresh Mavericks install, i don't know what to do.

I'm pretty sure I tried moving my already-wrapped plug-ins (wrapped under Snow Leopard, but from a different OS), but they weren't recognized by 32 Lives on my fresh Mavericks install.

There must be a way around this. Is there no way to wrap plug-ins on one computer, and have those wrapped plug-ins work on another computer?


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Postby Crips » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:46 am

I've got a workaround for this!

My solution was to wrap VST plug-in's under Snow Leopard. The VST - AU Wrapper might work under Lion and Mountain Lion, but I know for a fact that it functions fine on Snow Leopard. Apparently, you can wrap VST's under Snow Leopard, and just migrate the wrapped plugs over to your Mavericks OS and they work fine; in Logic Pro at least! It might be useful to know that I then used 32 Lives to wrap these AU-wrapped, 32-bit VST's in Logic.

I initially attempted to just use my existing, wrapped plugs after migrating to Mavericks, but I made an apparently crucial mistake: I placed my wrapped plug-ins in the User/Library/Audio/Plug-in folder. Apparently, these plug-ins MUST be placed in the System/Library/Audio/Plug-in folder! I never realized it before, but apparently, some Audio Units will only work in one location vs. another. Remember this, and hopefully this workaround works for you too!

Also, I heard that the program BatCHMod might work to undo the Components folder permissions set up under Mavericks. I don't need to try this now, but if someone else does, and it works, share your results! It's a free download.

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Re: will not launch

Postby MajorBriggs » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:25 pm

Here is a work around that i figured out on my own. Very easy. Requires no software.

Control Click on all the folders in the chain (library(audio(plug-ins/components

For each of the 4 folders use the "Get Info" option. Click the lock/unlock button in bottom right corner.

Change the permissions privilege for all three names ( system / wheel / everyone ) to "Read & Write"


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Re: will not launch

Postby EKINEFFE » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:10 pm

Hi all. I am having the same issues, anyone had any luck with getting this software to launch yet? I tried MajorBriggs' suggestion to no avail. I am running running macOS Sierra 10.12.6.
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