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Bought BFD 2 Upgrade and BFD3 Upgrade Today

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Bought BFD 2 Upgrade and BFD3 Upgrade Today

Postby es335Dot » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:50 am

I got a problem.
I purchased, registered and did everything legally back in around 2005 on the FXpansion website, when I bought BFD and the XFL packs from Sam Ash Music here in Florida. Life got in the way and I never really got to use it or learn it or anything with it for that matter. A couple computers have melted since that time and I am now on a Windows 7, 32bit system with 4 Gb ram and a pretty good processor.
3 hard drives ... one for OS and stuff, one for BDF 1.5.46 exclusively and one for all my songwriting storage/end results.

Since I retired recently, instead of doing a daily 'honey-do' list, I decided I was gonna learn this BFD software and finish a lot of unfinished songs written over the past 15 years. Whilst happily loading my original BFD 1.5.46 (3 different times), I wandered around the net and read somewhere that it WAS NOT compatible with WIN 7. Well sh_t!@#%#!! The standalone worked fine, but nothing would load into my Sonar 7 Producer ... always with an error message about not finding the right folder or something.

Screw it ... I drove down to Sam Ash Music in Tampa and purchased a new BFD2 Upgrade and, as nutz as I can be, I purchased the BFD3 Upgrade also. I figured I'll use that one down the road in the not so distant future.

Even thought BFD1,5,46 was not behaving properly in it's proper folders, I attributed the failures to the lack of compatibility. So, I began loading Disc One of the 5 discs in the BFD2 package.
Disc One finished loading and the 'licensing/registration' screen popped up. Well sh_t .... it asked for my user name and password to register the new product. I haven't used them for probably 10 years so guess what????? I could not continue with my loading. The email and passwords or the computers don't exist anymore.
I sent FXpansion an email regarding this problem but, I don't expect to hear from them for a day of two.

While I got you reading; can I delete all BFD 1.5.46 files and folders once BFD2 is loaded? or, must it remain there for whatever reason? Don't forget, I will be loading BFD3 eventually as learning progresses. Then, will I be keeping BFD2 on the hard drive as well???

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