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BDF2.dll not loading in Samplitude

Support for BFD2 Acoustic Drum Workstation

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BDF2.dll not loading in Samplitude

Postby cporro » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:37 pm

Hi. Was opening some old Samplitude sessions and BFD will not load. Specifically it says it can't load BFD2.ddl. i checked the vst folder path and it's good. in fact all plugins from that folder show up except BFD2. When I try and rescan the folder and failed plugins from Samplitude it crashes Samplitude.

Any ideas? I thought perhaps Samplitude was stable before the final BFD2 release. I can't remember when i stopped using Samplitude and if the final release was out then. In any event there are no older versions on the website for me to download anyway.

I don't know if they still do support for BFD2 or if this forum is active (looks like no) or if i should contact support directly.

RME Fireface, i7 950, x58 mobo, 6 gig ram, Samplitude 11 Pro, BFD2

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