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BFD 2 not recognised in Logic x

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Lewisham Phil
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BFD 2 not recognised in Logic x

Postby Lewisham Phil » Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:30 pm

I know it's getting on, but I am happy sticking with BFD 2, as it has worked fine for me for years, so I hope someone still reads these 'legacy' forums.
Anyway, I have just updated to Logic X , on Mac Pro running OS 10.12 Sierra. I'm still running Logic Nine, in which BFD 2 works fine as a plug-in; it'll also work as a standalone too in 64 bit mode. However, I just can't get Logic X to see it. I have the latest 64 bit 2.3.1 update. Opening an old track with BFD 2 from Logic Nine into Logic X ellicits the message: 'The plug-in "BFD-2" isn't available on your system'. Nothing shows up in the AU manager.
I have tried throwing away the Audio Units cache file to force revalidation of all Audio Units and restarting. Still doesn't show.
Is it some 32/64 bit conflict?
I have run out of things to try. Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

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