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AMBER + Ableton Live Standard 9.7.1: Program Change, anyone?

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AMBER + Ableton Live Standard 9.7.1: Program Change, anyone?

Postby otalgia99 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:43 am

hello everyone

i realize that i'm asking for help about a legacy product, but perhaps one of you can lend some experience and expertise nonetheless.

i'm running AMBER as a plug-in within LIVE and trying to get LIVE's clip-based Midi Patch Change feature to instruct Amber to change sounds using its PC slots.

Amber is instantiated on the same track as the clips with the patch change data in them.

i have loaded a couple of patches from AMBER's patch browser into its PC slots and when clips with the patch change occur, AMBER does not change patches.

in AMBER, i'm using PC slots 1 & 2, because i'm not sure how LIVE's patch change handles the slot called "0". i've trial-and-error'd various patch numbers with no luck.

i also had to guess about the settings for LIVE's patch change bank- and sub- parameters -- i opted initially with 1 and 1 respectively, but tried different combos when nothing was working.

has anyone at least definitively known AMBER's PC slots either to be supported or not-supported in LIVE?

and can i just say HOW MUCH I LOVE AMBER? i'd be all ears if it's due to get a Strobe-2 style makeover, but please -- keep it real! (and please... keep it Amber!)

best to all,
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