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Geist mouse point Problem

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Geist mouse point Problem

Postby Jamuna » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:27 pm

I think I might be the only person that really enjoyed the N- Space title, Geist that was released in 2006 (I think) for the GC.

It's a really interesting concept, mixing puzzle elements to scare NPCs enough to possess their body, weather it be a human, dog, mice, or bat. There is FPS moments when you possess humans with weapons but it's not the bulk to the game.

The concept is hindered by loose controls and technical issues in the game engine but in my opinion, the gameplay concept stands up to this day.

I think it could work really well on the increased house power of the Wii U and Nintendo needs more first person games.

I don't believe the game sold very well, an eshop downloadable title is probably the best chance of a sequel ever happening. It's a same because

Anyone else play Geist? Would you want a WiiU sequel?

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