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Postby ARNK » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:51 am

Paul_fx wrote:
enzocanale wrote:I think that hundreds of users didn't step up to Geist because of the lack of the randomization bar, which was a must for every sound designer or avantgarde producer. Among these, I'm just one who loves to create new sonic structures. Let's see if updates will bring something.

Almost all of the Guru user base have upgraded to Geist.
We do have randomisation in there, but in a much more controllable fashion using the graph live playback randomisers. Randomisation of patterns has been requested, but its not something that we get a lot of requests for, so please understand that it may be a long time (if ever) before it goes in to Geist...


Man, seems easy to add a random feature. What do I know ;)

Would be great though. REASON has this on certain components, would really be a class move.

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