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Sample loops in 3/4 meter

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Sample loops in 3/4 meter

Postby BuleriaChk » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:05 pm

Hi, all,

(Update: the following only is true in Geist standalone, which has no ability to specify time signatures for audio sync. In vst mode... at least for Live 9... it uses the time signature of the host, so it is not an issue.....)

I have a number of loops in 3/4 time, 8th and 16th notes (so 12 or 24 hits per loop).
Let me be clear, these are NOT triplets - the beat is 1/4 note, 3 (X 1/4) beats to the measure.

(they originally were Middle Eastern 4/4 audio loops, which I tweaked by editing off the last quarter note).

That means if eight note resolution, 6 notes per measure, if 16th note resolution, 12 notes per measure. They work fine in Ableton Llive.....

My problem is the only way I can get it to read in that makes sense (sounds like the original) is 16 steps of 1/16 notes.

How do I set up Geist so it will read in triple (3/4) meter - so far none of my conversion attempts have been successful...)
(so that the timing of the sampled loops will agree in tempo with 12/16 Midi loops I created from scratch)....

That is, I've only been able to specify 3 measures of 4 beats (3 measures in 4/4 meter). I need to specify 4 measures of 3 beats (4 measures in 3/4 meter)



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Re: Sample loops in 3/4 meter

Postby konfront » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:58 pm

Have they gotten back to you on this? I'm interested in any developments in this general area.

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Re: Sample loops in 3/4 meter

Postby BuleriaChk » Mon May 22, 2017 3:09 pm

No (this is an old thread) (I obviously haven't been using Geist, and unless they have fixed it - and have real-time audio timestretch in Live, I won't be using Geist 2 either). Maschine is much better, IMO, especially with the new update to 2.65 (I just ordered a Jam... :), and I know they are working on time-stretch; in the meantime 2.65 makes it easy to swap kits as a VST in Live (which has fantastic time stretching).

For me, Geist was a waste of money, and unuseable in 3/4 compared to other alternatives....

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