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Postby Siddhu » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:55 pm

Copy presets/drums between tracks - i.e. if I design a cool snare, I can copy and paste right away to another track as the basis for a new sound.

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Postby fugazi81 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:26 pm

- an option to change, the ability to define the tempo of each synth (show setup -> tempo -> 1/1), from global to per patterns

-> synth 1 -> pattern1 -> tempo 1/1 | synth 1 -> pattern2 -> tempo 1/2 | synth 1 -> pattern3 -> tempo 16/1 etc.

- a randomizer for each synth with the ability to define a characteristic sound, like i.e randomizer -> snare -> to get a
randomized "snare alike" drum and "snare alike" could also be a "kick alike" / hihat alike" / "put characteristic here alike"
sound to get a starting point from where to tweak...

- scenes ( hello Geist :wink: )

- better mousewheel integration

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Postby Ashe35 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:46 am

The ability to export patterns as .wav files to make pre-made loops.

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Postby leoelzein » Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:23 pm

jmcecil wrote:I'll start with some of the obvious ones I have seen lying around and I agree with.

1) MIDI pattern drag&drop.....

that could work if every drum sequence had that ability individually, but as a whole I don't think it's possible since each individual sequence has a different length.

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Postby dschreiberjr » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:34 pm

Siddhu wrote:Copy presets/drums between tracks - i.e. if I design a cool snare, I can copy and paste right away to another track as the basis for a new sound.

+1 for this. Super handy.

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Postby Kickflip » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:05 pm

dschreiberjr wrote:
Siddhu wrote:Copy presets/drums between tracks - i.e. if I design a cool snare, I can copy and paste right away to another track as the basis for a new sound.

+1 for this. Super handy.

You can right click on the Engines in the middle to get a Cut/Copy/Paste/Reset menu :)
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Postby hesnotthemessiah » Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:04 pm

Had Tremor for a couple of days and only had one long session with it so far. Loving it!! I really like the modulation possibilites, lovely filters and distortion.

Here's my feature requests:-

As mentioned by another poster, I too keep modulating a parameter accidentally when i just want to change the value of the knob. But I am not too keen on the idea of pressing a key (such as ctrl) whilst moving the mouse up or down to set the modulation level though. I want to keep one hand free to trigger sounds from my controller whilst, at the same time, adjusting the modulation amount. How about using the right mouse button to set the modulation amount? The current system, where the right mouse button selects the menu, could be changed to ctrl and right (or left) mouse button selects the menu instead? As far as I am aware, you won't want to trigger your controller whilst selecting any of the menus' functions. So ctrl and right (or left) mouse button selects the menu, rather than the current system of right mouse button selects the menu, should not be a problem.

When you put your mouse over a knob/slider, it's modulation sources light up briefly. Too briefly for me. Why not have them light up for as long as the mouse button is over the knob/slider?

How about this idea to make it easier to see what is modulating what? Modulation sources have different colours. The knobs/sliders colours reflect their modulation sources. So, if you have 4 modulation sources modulating the filter cutoff, the filter cutoff's knob would look like a pie chart featuring all four colours. The same with sliders, but in this case, the sliders themselves would be divided into 4 chunks of colours to indicate the modulation sources. Could look a complete mess though!!

This one is the biggest FR for me by far. I was amazed that I had to request it and that no else had mentioned it! The Mapping page settings are not stored with the project. I have to remember to save the Mapping page settings myself when saving a project! And then I need to reload the settings again when I reload the project. Perhaps a "Save Mapping page settings with project" option is required? Or have I just got to change a setting in Tremor to solve this problem?

kpsiegel commented:- I want to be able to define output mappings and have them be independent of the kits. Right now I route my engines to different tracks. If I switch kits this routing gets blown away. This is not good. What I want is to be able to create a mapping and give it a name and/or also set it up as my default for any new patterns or instantiations of Tremor I choose. Remapping outputs all the time sucks. I agree. I like to route each Synth Engine to it's own channel. It's a pain when, if you load a preset, that Synth Engine's output channel is then changed to that set by the preset. Perhaps a "Lock Synth Engine to Output Channel" option is required?

krisslo commented:- when Im not using the pattern arranger in Tremor and just using the DAW's own arranger, it would be nice to be able to close the Tremor pattern arranger/graph/mapping window so I have more real estate to tweak both the DAW and the Tremor synth at the same time. I agree. I don't use the pattern arranger in Tremor. It would be great to be able to close the Tremor pattern arranger/graph/mapping window (LCD screen) when it's not needed. Even better would be the option of enlarging the Synth engine editing area and, as a matter of course, the Engine Mix control area, when the LCD screen is not used. Having the option to increase the size of the Synth engine editing area when the LCD screen is closed, would make controlling Tremor, and understanding it's GUI (with all of Tremor's modulation depth visualisations now enlarged), so much easier.

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Postby paulbinns » Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:37 am

Owning both Tremor and Geist, I can't help wishing that the Tremor sequencer had the extensive graph facilities of geist whereby every parameter in an engine be made available to its own graph lane in the sequencer.
This would go a long way to overcoming the rather limited DAW automation possibilities, as well as adding immeasurably to the fun and organicness that one could coax out of tremor.

The way geist does it reminded me instantly of my days using FL Studio, and the way the pattern lanes can be used to created movement and interest within a part.

rikki rivett
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Postby rikki rivett » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:18 pm

more flexible sync options - not just "go" when used in host sequencer, also option to set internal, non-synced tempo


MIDI drag'n'drop would fix much of this

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Postby MatoMat » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:01 pm

Hello, congratulations for this great drum tool.

In a few words but I know it would mean to rewrite the code...Implement the same routing (partially) than in geist....Being able to apply different value parameter for each midi event... Then you would have one of the best drum tools available ever.
I mean by this a more easy way of tuning (for instance) individual midi event in a lane without being forced to assign graphs as modulations sources on the pitch in the graph page. For me it's a workflow stopper. Since you have implemented this in GEIST I'm truly in speeds up things so much more. seeing your events and choosing directly what you want as modulation within the main arranger window. Isn't that the best workflow possible and the reason why you implemented it in GEIST? I think many people would agree (I'm actually practizing a forbidden voodoo ritual in order it to happen lol...but hey...where did I put my sacrifical chicken?)
1. Control speed lane near the lane and not in a submenu which is actually not really well placed. Matter of workflow.
There are a lot of modulations possibilities...Ok it can take some time to get used to it and there is a little learning curve to it as well but I find it could be more ergonomic. Matter of colors and position of main functions....
2. More automatable parameters like ramp rate for instance. (the knobs which don't answer to mod target in general)
3. A dedicated tuning knob for the subosc (meaning it'not a sub osc anymore but an osc in itself...). It would greaty improve the sonical tones of the beast. Or maybe something which tunes itself with the "partials" engine...
4. A more intuitive way of seeing things... Specially in the upper side of Tremor...all those different blues can mess the sight. Actually it hurts my eyes.
5. Drag and drop is an obvious choice.
6. You have everything well cut regarding drums, fx, kits, presets...why not a pattern only preset management?
I want to be able to test a lot of patterns without changing all parameters and I want to do it fast...
We can change the sound and keep the! And what about the inverse? Seems quite necessary (imo).
(ok we have the pre-built one (per lane!!!) but it isnt' the same things that having hundreds of pre-built (or our own custom beats loading as a full 8 "engines") or bundles we could buy from classical to esoterical rythm event information as source of inspiration we could rebuild and transform.
Seems a pretty obvious choice and would accelerate the workflow a lot.


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Postby ThomThom » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:02 pm

Current situation: there is no way to use existing patterns for new preset, what is quite limiting.

Pattern and Graphs Views: please implement Copy and Paste, so we can
- use existing patterns for new presets
- use one graph as a basis for another

Specific for Pattern: Selection of rows as basis for copy (Ctrl-key: mark individual row, Shift-key: marking from row - to row)

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Postby Gyalwa » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:40 pm

Shift feature like in Geist to nudge individual hits. Please please please!

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Postby Bathrobe » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:24 am

To make a good product better:

- individual tracks nudge buttons which are midi-assignable. This is a great and fast tool for changing the feel of a pattern without having to copy the pattern and play with pattern switches.

- make the track mute buttons midi-assignable. (the mixer mutes cut reverb tails, when several reverbs are put on the tracks and not on the master fx))

- note erase and erase all notes on a track - both midi-assignable

- option for locking the output assignments so they stay the same when loading another drum, kit or preset.

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Postby phyro » Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:22 am

Hey all thought Id add my 2c

I bought tremor the second it was released, I'm not sure why, but I must say It doesn't seem to be doing as well as I had hoped.. are lack of presets is an issue.. so Id like to see better presets..

more importantly tho Id like to see a sound editor .. (in a more 21st century) style.

Tremor combines pitch generation with a drum kit.. Id REALLY like to see an editor that takes pitch generation and drums up to today's standards.

my ideal editor would start with a 360 degree ball .. with a tone generator starting in the dead center, the tone would be modified by selecting a point inside or on the ball, Id like to have a record effect so you can for example move the mouse from point a to point b, record it and pitch bend it into a drum (or synth) beat.. (this type of editor would give the ultimate in sound generation for not only tremor but the other awesome synths such as amber or strobe.

I realize a spherical sound generator would be tough to program, but if done right it would be an awesome way to "play" a synth and or create drum hits, snares and what ever type of sound you could want.

Ideally this editor would go with dcam synth squad and tremor.. It should be able to load sounds, generate and manipulate sounds in a 3d way (even better, if your a 90's geek and ever owned a 360 space orb you will know exactly what I want)

All of these FX programs kick ass, my only vision for improvement is a better to "play" them and to generate sounds into them.

so there's my feature request, even if its a little far out there :)

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Postby Gonga » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:32 pm

I'm enjoying Tremor. I have a lot of experience with analog synths but not nearly as much with plugs or DAWs. The videos are great, but they don't give any examples of use within a DAW.). Even the manual makes no reference to typical usage with a DAW (just technical aspects of ins and outs and midi assignments, etc). There are numerous ways to use Tremor, so a video showing how and explaining the pluses and minuses of each approach would be really useful. Thanks!

I would also really like a quality reverb. I'd like to use Tremor as a stereo plug if I could, but the lack of quality reverb for individual engines prevents that - I have to use the separate outs. I can still do that, but a quality 'verb would be really nice.

Thanks again!

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