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Tremor - Sub Outs are out!

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:28 pm
by otalgia99
greetings all

first off, my disclaimer -- whenever you start to talk troubleshooting over a host-vs-plugin problem, let the mutual finger-pointing begin! and indeed, i find myself in just such a predicament.

DAW = Digital Performer 9

SYSTEM: Mac Pro early '08 | 8-core | 12 GB RAM

The Problem:

might any of you be able to take a quick guess as to why tremor might suddenly lose touch with its sub-outs?

i've had a DAW project template set up for quite some time that, when opened, launches an instance of tremor for me.

each of tremor's synth individual output is selected to SUB OUT (1,2,3...) there are 8 aux channels, each configured to receive one of these outs.

the DAW's internal routing looks just like it should.

<< suddenly >> (see below) i get not a peep from tremor in this configuration. if i route all synth sounds to tremor's MAIN OUT, i hear everything.

(btw the template invokes tremor VST so that i can make use of generating MIDI output if i wish... but i got the same problem switching to tremor AU and trying that).

setting up a new project from scratch and making the tremor SUB OUT assignments as described above yielded the desired result: each synth coming in on its own AUX channel. for some reason, my old template just don't wanna play. and sure, i could set the whole shebang up all over again....

...but wouldn't it just be nice if the "conveniently" pre-configured template project gave me some tremor sub-out love and let me be on my way?

why i say << suddenly >>:

a few things have changed in my setup recently which certainly doesn't help complaints of this nature. i upgraded both tremor and DP in the last couple of weeks. i haven't used the template in question for quite some time so i don't really know when its tremor component went south.

being that the situation involves so many variables, i'm really just trolling for quick guesses. we all know this could be a very dark bunny-hole indeed, and, as stated, worst-case scenario i just set the template up all over again.

who knows, maybe i even do a better job this time around!


Tremor - Sub Outs are out! (a little more info)

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:21 pm
by otalgia99
tremor's individual channels show meter deflection (except for the channel labeled "out", which i believe would be the expected condition for this configuration).

tremor's MIX channel also shows meter deflection.

tremor is also outputting MIDI, which can be recorded.

the project's master fader isn't muted, other tracks involved are perfectly audible.

...i just don't hear anything from tremor... crazy stuff... i know it's gotta be something real, real obvious.


Tremor - Sub Outs are out! (and oh yeah, by the way....)

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:06 am
by otalgia99
removing tremor from project and re-instantiating didn't work.

creating another project from the same template -- nada.

rolling tremor back to (last known version that worked with this template), also no go.

troubleshooting now approaching the same amount of time required to rebuild template, but i still can't shake the feeling that i'm missing something dead obvious...


Tremor - Sub Outs are back!

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:08 am
by otalgia99

deleted aux channels and internal routing and set 'em up again.

beats rebuilding the whole template, but it took a few nights to get it to be that easy.