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Gate mode too unreliable for performance

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Gate mode too unreliable for performance

Postby sharke » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:37 am

I've always just drawn MIDI notes into my DAW to select Tremor patterns, but now I want to switch to more of a performance style workflow, triggering the patterns from my keyboard in Gate mode. However, I'm finding the triggering to be very sketchy and unreliable and I wondered if there's a fix, or if anyone else experiences the same.

The problem seems to be is that if there is any overlap between one MIDI note and the next, the pattern of the 2nd MIDI note will play only as long as I keep the both notes held down. As soon as I release one of the notes, playback stops. It means that the only way in which I can change gated patterns successfully is if my keyboard technique is so perfect that I manage to send the note-off event at the exact instant before I send the new note-on event. Any overlap between the notes, and playback stops as soon as I release one of the notes.

I've tried this in my DAW with the transport running, and in Tremor's standalone mode. Same problem. I've even tried enabling the input quantize feature of my DAW (Sonar) but that doesn't help either. I had thought that Tremor would be intelligent enough to filter out any overlapping note-on/note-off events so that the new note-on event keeps playing as long as the note is held, regardless of whether the old note-off event overlaps with it. Or are you just expected to have perfect technique? Very frustrating.

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