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Envelope multiplied macros (FxC,SxC)

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Envelope multiplied macros (FxC,SxC)

Postby yonatanomer » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:06 am


Really amazing synth, I'm so happy I bought it.

Regarding the concept of macro's which are multiplied by envelopes, it is indeed powerful but it introduce a mind blowing complexity to the modulation matrix.

For example, we could assign the FxC to modulate the release time of the fast envelope, having this envelope feeding back to it's self :shock:, actually in some factory presets you have such loops.

In many cases having 2 simple macros is not enough, for example, I often use macros for pitch, filter cutoff
or noise level.

Could you please add a way in to disconnect these macros from the envelope?
Alternatively, you could add envelope amount next to the envelope... or more macro knobs.


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