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Enter Sandman (drums only excerpt) using BFD2

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Enter Sandman (drums only excerpt) using BFD2

Postby AshleySmith08 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:18 pm

Hey all,

Thought I'd showcase this...

http://rapidshare.com/files/273822859/E ... er.wav.zip

I used the following kit pieces: - all from BFD2 content bar the JNF Snare...

Peal MasterWorks Kick, Hi, Mid, and Low Tom(s)
JNF Pearl 6x14 Free Floating Snare
Zildjian 15Z Custom Mastersound HiHat
Zildjian 16A Crash - x2 - left pitched up +0.96 semitones and right pitched up +0.12

I used a fair deal of processing using the BFD2 effects - 2 reverbs on the Snare (plate into a room), EQ's, Comp's, the room channel sent to an aux - compressed, processed with Breverb's Room FX, and I used the Drive FX to make it sound gritty. Toms - EQ, Env Shapper for more attack and less sustain, EQ'd again and Compressed... lots of stuff really... I love the FX!!! :P

Hope you like it.

Ash :D
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