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Knocking out professional tracks with BFD 2

Post links to your tracks here for feedback and kudos

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wayne man
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Knocking out professional tracks with BFD 2

Postby wayne man » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:40 pm

Love BFD can't wait for a 64 bit version. With such a huge love for music you know i am addicted. Any way the above link are links to tracks. Plenty more sitting and waiting to be mastered. Over the course of the next few months ( God willing ) they will be posted also. It is so much fun playing this software instrument with an e-drum. Hey BFD! Computers are powerful and all, you are going to provide libraries for the E-pro live. Have you ever considered putting out your own e-drum brain?
All those in favour of a BFD e-drum sporting atleast 4 gig of memory like drumit five say " Hoorah! "

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Postby purtington » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:30 am

Like it Wayne but surely that's not all BFD?
The snare particularly sounds like a 909 or something.
What kits are you using and what have you done to them.
It's really good to see BFD being used in other genres and not just rock but I
wouldn't believe this was BFD unless you hadn't said so.

Good interview here if you've not already seen it...

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