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Paid music - where to start?

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Paid music - where to start?

Postby masterjoe » Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:51 am

Hi guys,

currently I am working on my own projects in the sector of software development (multimedia). As this consumes lots of time and money I have decided to work part time for other "external" projects as well.

As a hobby I have been doing music production some years now and I would really like to make some money out of the skills I have.
The music that I am interested in producing is Dance / D+B / Trance and similar genres.

I am now looking for some advice how to start in order to earn some money with my talent. It would be great if someone with experience could please help me with the following questions I have:

1) Are there any "official" project offers for remixers by any company in the music business? Or do you have any hints where to look? Any forums, boards, whatever?

2) What do I have to do in order to release a remix for a band / label etc. so that (a) the remix does not violate any rights and (b) generates money for me? Which possible ways do you see?

3) Is is a good idea to directly produce my very own music (no remixes, no third party rights) and distribute it myself via CD baby? Where are the pitfalls and do you have any tips for doing this? Or is it better to start with some remixes of other artists in order to generate the required interest for my creative work?

4) Currently I plan to create music "from home" without any public appearances on stages etc. Do you think this is a bad idea or is this very well possible?

5) I have done a D+B remix of Anges' "Release Me" that shows where I am heading with my music. As this track uses copyrighted material I have not yet uploaded it to any platform (like Youtube etc.). Roxy music Sweden (where Agnes has signed) has not replied to my requestes regarding this remix. What would you suggest that I shall do with this track now??

If anyone is really interested in supporting a new talent then feel free to contact me directly (private messages are welcome) in order to do the first steps.

Thank you very much for your support :D

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