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My first tune on here

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My first tune on here

Postby purtington » Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:43 pm

Hello peeps.
This is a work in progress and when I have lyrics I'll atempt to sing along.
I'm quite pleased with it thus far but have a few concerns about realism and some drum rolls in particular.
Drummers may only ever dream of playing them like I have programed them :-)

It's a kind of accoustic skiffle with a shuffle/train snare type thing throughout.
I've recorded the bass about 6 times now as it was a bugger to get it really tight with the kick
which in this particular song is really important.

Anyway, any real drummers out there have any thoughts about giving it a little more realism then
please do share.
Otherwise, hope you enjoy, and be warned, there's a whole lot more a commin :-0


It's the first track (The Hopeless Cause) and if you feel like hearing more (gawd help you) it'll give you an idea of
how much I love BFD and why. ... ndID=26364

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