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Bloom - 32 bit

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:15 pm
by rictheobscene
I know XP isn't officially supported, but upgrading my studio machines is a ways off. Nonetheless, I thought Bloom looked intriguing, and I decided to give the demo a go. When I tried to install the demo, it unzipped the files to a temp folder, launched the installer and stated that the installer was not a 32 bit application. I was under the impression that Bloom was 64 or 32 bit (though I could be wrong).

So, is there a way to install it under XP? If not, no worries, I will come back and have a look at her when I've upgraded (though that upgrade entails deciding whether I am going to stay on PC or move to Mac, so it won't be a quick decision).

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:37 pm
by rictheobscene
Update - I was able to extract the x86 .dll from the files the installer created in the temp folder. After instantiating the plug-in, I get prompted to run in demo mode or buy a license. When I click demo mode, the GUI comes up blank. My theory is that I have the resource files in the wrong place. I think if I knew where to copy them to, I could get it to work, and I could give it a go.

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:14 am
by hesnotthemessiah
Anyone else having problems installing the Bloom demo or full installation on Windows XP 32 bit? Looks like I am getting the same problem. :(

Here step by step is the installation process:-
1)Select Bloom_1005_Win.exe and installation begins.

2)Bloom Installer shows "Extracting files to temporary folder. This folder is
C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp\RarSFX0

3)When it gets to the end of extracting files, the error message appears:-
C:\Documents and Settings\MRF9AA~1~NEV\Temp\RarSFX0\Bloom\Bloom Installer Win.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

One thing I notice is that nothing is actually ever installed into:-
C:\Documents and Settings\MRF9AA~1~NEV\Temp

It only installs into:-
C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp\RarSFX0\Bloom .

Could there be a problem with the Bloom Installer Win.exe not being recognised as a valid Win32 application because the installer is looking for it in the wrong folder?

I have tried doubleclicking on the Bloom Installer Win.exe file, which is placed in:-
C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp\RarSFX0\Bloom

but I still get the same error message.

Could it possibly be something wrong with my dreaded registry files? I don't really want to start messing with them! No such problems with any other installers inc. fxpansion's. Retried installing the maul demo with no problem.