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Help with smoother gliding delay times RESOLVED Possible Bug

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Help with smoother gliding delay times RESOLVED Possible Bug

Postby bkilday » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:51 am

I'm used to programming my modulating delays from a PCM81, and can't get the pitch wobble to duplicate the effect in Bloom. In fact, its hard not to get weird chirps and whoops. I've messed with the skew control and the LFO depth, but no luck.

I don't just want to use the chorus control, I want to create a smooth pitched gliding delay ala lexicon. Any tips, or is this not possible? For example, a good sound on the PCM can be had with a 400ms delay gliding up and down 5ms at 4Hz. On bloom its hoop whoop chirp chirp...

Update 28Aug13

Okay I was able to get what I was looking for. There appears to be a major sonic difference when modulating delay times in beat vs time (ms) mode. For example, if I select 500ms an a reasonable bipolar modulation extent, the LFO gain can dial in the pitch wobble I am looking for. NOW, if you select beat a 1/4note at 120bpm and try to use the same modulation depth you get the next fractional beat value which is too far, or (depending on the LFO gain) nothing at all.

Now I don't know if this is a bug, but the delay modulation width is hard quantized in beat mode where you cannot get any subtle wobble. What would be a great feature is selecting modulation depth as either time based or beat based. Further, an advanced modulation depth edit function where you can manually define modulation range would be awesome (i.e. -3ms + 7ms for example) regardless if the delay line is in beat mode.

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