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Software wasn't installed correctly - BFD3 expansions - SOLVED

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Software wasn't installed correctly - BFD3 expansions - SOLVED

Postby tomafgan » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:18 am


I am issuing a problem while installing Yamaha maple custom kit expension pack. after installing it, I go into BFD3 and search the folder, BFD finds it, send me to the licence manager and after all the progress it says that the "Software was not installed correctly please install again"

This expension pack is installed in external HD, All the library of BFD works fine. I have tring to look for a solution here but with no success.

I would greatly appreciate if someone that issue it before can help.

I am using macbook pro most updated OS.

Thanks a lot!

SOLVED by deleting license manager and installing again:)

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