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Timestretch Works.....Kinda

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Timestretch Works.....Kinda

Postby vaincookies » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:10 am

I've been trying out the Groove Editor in BFD3 and tried using the Timestretch tool. It works when setting anchors in the Ruler, but the manual says you can do accelerando and decelerando effects without the anchors (page 110 of the manual). Both instructions for accelerando and decelerando say to drag the selection to the right while holding the Alt key (perhaps thats a typo?). While this works for accelerando, it doesn't work for decelerando. All the events only glide to the right. I tried dragging to the left, but the result is every event gets clumped together - there's no smooth repositioning as the dragging to the right. Anybody tried using this with success?

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