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...suddenly, siezures!

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...suddenly, siezures!

Postby otalgia99 » Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:58 pm

greetings everyone

briefly, the scenario:

mac pro 8-core 10 gb RAM
DP 7.22
BFD2 (latest version)
buffer size: 1024

briefly, the situation:

a project which had been running smoothly is suddenly crashing DP like mad. the tune has very modest resources at this point - one stereo audio track, a mono audio track with 2 takes, one MOTU keyboard plugin (and its MIDI, of course), and one BFD plugin and its MIDI.

i can open it, hit play once and it will play, i can stop it and it will stop, but any attempt to interact with the project after that gets me the spinning beach ball and i have to force quit.

a "rescue" version of the project using frozen audio for the two instrument plug-ins seems to run without freezing & crashing, but of course i would rather work with original since that file has all my saved times and markers (not to mention some sound tweeks on the plugins that i'd like to retain rather than re-invent.)

generally speaking BFD has behaved unobtrusively for me up until now, but as it's arguably one of the more complex components of an otherwise simple project i'm wondering whether can it could cause the problem i am experiencing, and if so is there something i can try to get the project back on the rails without having to rebuild the whole thing?

thanks for reading

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