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Access Violation - only when loading different Toms?

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Access Violation - only when loading different Toms?

Postby adamdale81 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:59 pm

02-02-11 Quick update on the below. Re-installed BFD and did the upgrade to 1.5.5 (i think it is...whatever the latest one is anyway for BFD 1) and got the kits working. However, when i load a full kit, everything works fine, but when i try and change the toms, i get the access violation error again? It seems to only be on the Toms where i get this? This is a bit strange i think, any ideas?


01-02-11 Ok, any help here is appreciated...heres the dilemma

Recently upgraded to Pro Tools M Powered on Win XP SP3 M Audio Delta 1010 (if it bares any relevance). I installed BFD from the original DVD 1 & 2 and had all the stereo, all, groups and Re-wire (although re-wire wont and still wont work), but the good thing was, i could use the ALL plug in to route it to aux tracks in Pro Tools. Installed the Jazz & Funk expansion pack and all was working fine. Then did the upgrade via the upgrade box within the BFD user section (sorry ive forgot the term for it, hope you know where i mean) and then everytime i was trying to load any Toms from the expansion pack, i was getting a Access Violation error, which caused Pro Tools to crash.

So, i assumed this was an installation and location thing, as im new to where everything needs to live alongside pro tools (coming from Logic) so ive spent tonight trying to re-install. Now when i re-install, i only get the stereo or re-wire plugs ins available (even when all and groups etc are in the DAE plug ins section) but get no sound - no sign of life via re-wire either and crashes.

Struggling to get somewhere with it now, as i did almost have it all working exactly how i needed/wanted it to, albeit the toms i wanted to record/mix with wouldnt load, but snares, crashes, kicks etc would? It was working for about a week before it al started going wrong...

Any advice anyone? Thanks

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