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bfd1 stereo .dll is crashing nuendo 3

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bfd1 stereo .dll is crashing nuendo 3

Postby thrproductions » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:38 am

Hello. I have been using bfd1 with XFL, jazz and funk and 8 bit drum expansion packs with Nuendo 3 for 3 years now without a hitch, until now. I am running the final build of nuendo 3 on xp 64. Now sessions where I've used bfd stereo are crashing nuendo with a msg saying the bfd stereo .dll is the problem. Any sessions where I'm using bfd groups or all are fine. My system has been so flawless, that I have forgotten what I should do to fix. Can anyone give insight on reloading .dll? I'm running this on a quad xeon 1.60 giga processors, with 4 gigs of ram. All systems seem to check out fine.
Thanking all for any help that can be given. Thomas

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