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Multitracking BFD 1 on Cubase

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Multitracking BFD 1 on Cubase

Postby stellarboy » Sun May 05, 2013 5:16 pm

Hey there, just dusting off my old BFD 1 and Cubase SX3 (!)

Can I multi-track BFD 1? If so please could someone explain how.

If this is not possible, please could someone advise if there is a way that I can select/ mute different drums on a groove pattern at various different parts of my song. That is, at the start of the song I just want the kick and snare to be heard but later on I want to add in toms and cymbal, all from one original groove pattern. Do I have to go in to the groove pattern once it is in Cubase and manually delete each tom and cymbal from those parts of the piece where I don't want them (which seems a little arduous), or is there and another, quicker, way?


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