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BFD Oblivion (Thoughts)

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BFD Oblivion (Thoughts)

Postby lasteno » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:28 am

I just want to let you know That even if I don't like much the sound of the 2 Hi Hats from "BFD Oblivion"..
I really LIKE how they are adjusted.. from "close" to "open"
I found this Hi-Hats one of your BESTS to play with a E-Drum..
very Smooth transitions between the "Openness" Layers..
you can hardly hear it.. even in BFD3 hi hats the transitions between the close to open you can hear a long difference..
sad, because those hi hats really sound good just to open and too tight..

BFD Oblivion sounds really good .. the Hi Hats and all the Oblivion library, please take a "note" of the Settings you used
to record this hi hats.. or hear the smooth transitions.. for your Future Libraries..

Congratulations on this Library "Oblivion"

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