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new user: remote patch changes?

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Re: new user: remote patch changes?

Postby otalgia99 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:56 pm

i know this thread is old and may have gone cold, but i just wanted to post this here little $.02:

Kickflip wrote:I'd be happy with the slightly slower option to scroll through all the presets on the disk. One of those features that takes you away from the computer and lets you focus more on your MIDI controller as an instrument.

after working with this for some time i'm loving more and more the patch-morhping as it currently functions.

as noted in an earlier post, my ableton live workaround (using clips to send patch change messages to the preloaded STROBE 2 slots) is working quite well. more pre-loadable slots would certainly be... well, more... but the idea of scrolling thru a list during a performance now does not appeal to me personally as well as having the fast-switching bank of 8 loaded up and ready to go.

admittedly, this is just me "suiting myself"... but i've grown quite accustomed to -- yes, even fond of -- the way that feature works now.

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Re: new user: remote patch changes?

Postby selekt0r » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:04 pm

Reviving this zombie thread, because I have been working with a friend to build a custom Live control template in TouchOSC using ClyphX Pro. Was really hoping we'd be able to set things up to navigate Strobe2/Cypher2 presets via MIDI, so I've been doing research trying to figure out if this is possible.

After reading this...I'm really disappointed that this feature STILL hasn't been added after multiple user requests.

The following three features seem like a no-brainer to me:

1) Having multiple banks of 8 quick presets - would take longer to swap, only 8 stored in RAM at one time, but this would allow you to use up to 8 presets per song, and then switch to a new bank between songs or in periods where you're not playing and the longer delay time doesn't matter.
2) Browsing all presets/banks for auditioning sounds - this would be IMMENSELY beneficial for studio work. Having to audition sounds on the computer really dampens the creative work flow in my opinion, versus being able to map these controls to a external controller and browse while playing the sounds. In this case, the 100ms delay time between loading patches doesn't matter. And that can easily be addressed in the manual as a warning (i.e. don't use this for live application!), so the excuse that it's not suitable for live use is not a good one.
3) MIDI controller over preset morphing It would be amazing to be able to control the quick preset morphing with an external XY-style controller! Resource-wise, I'm not sure if this would be workable in a live situation (although that may be possible with more advanced hardware and increases in programming efficiency), but it would again be extremely beneficial in studio applications, for auditioning and crafting sounds quickly, without getting bogged down in the minutiae of using a keyboard.

I love the fxpansion synths, IMO they're some of the best-sounding and most versatile synths out there. But the workflow associated with browsing the presets is not conducive to working efficiently when composing. Would love to see this addressed in future updates!

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