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new user: remote patch changes?

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Re: new user: remote patch changes?

Postby otalgia99 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:56 pm

i know this thread is old and may have gone cold, but i just wanted to post this here little $.02:

Kickflip wrote:I'd be happy with the slightly slower option to scroll through all the presets on the disk. One of those features that takes you away from the computer and lets you focus more on your MIDI controller as an instrument.

after working with this for some time i'm loving more and more the patch-morhping as it currently functions.

as noted in an earlier post, my ableton live workaround (using clips to send patch change messages to the preloaded STROBE 2 slots) is working quite well. more pre-loadable slots would certainly be... well, more... but the idea of scrolling thru a list during a performance now does not appeal to me personally as well as having the fast-switching bank of 8 loaded up and ready to go.

admittedly, this is just me "suiting myself"... but i've grown quite accustomed to -- yes, even fond of -- the way that feature works now.

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