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Latest (2017) installs for Strobe 2. Many patches completely FUBARED

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Latest (2017) installs for Strobe 2. Many patches completely FUBARED

Postby yemski » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:34 pm

So, after not writing or producing any music a while, (due to other time commitments), I installed the latest version of Strobe 2 and many of the (over 300) patches I've written for it are just messed up. The Arps/Sequences are most adversely effected, but you can hear it on many other patches too. Many of the patches have weird voice assignment and rhythmic elements like ramp generators. lfo. and sequencer modulation are just off time or do not have the original desired effect. This is not a slight difference either, many patches are just a mess now and some are pretty much unplayable. Further to this, some of the patches I've used in my own tunes, (by other designers from the factory set),are also not playing back correctly either. Again, none of the desired sound is there and many sound pretty bad.

There seems to be a pattern with this, in that many of the patches that many of the worst effected patches are the most complex in terms of Transmod assignments, or failing that, with reference to factory patches I may have used in tunes, there is a lot of automation assigned to them. There are also a number of my own patches, with complex transmod assigments, that also used a lot of automation that I'd intended to use as loops for other tunes. Most of these just sound like crap now and don't work at all. So complexity seems to be an issue in relation to whether a patch plays back correctly or not. Although some simple patches with not much automation have had problems too.

To remedy this, I initially went and reinstalled the version just before the last one, Strobe 2 V. Version Type: Private Beta, Release Date: 2017-01-13, but the problems pretty much persisted. So I went back to the original version that I wrote most of the patches on and used in many of my tunes, Strobe 2 V. Version Type: Public Beta, Release Date: 2016-03-23. This worked but is expired, so I don't know how much longer I can use it, or effectively what that means anyway,since it seems to work,(no patch saving?). The cutoff knob is always open with a red mark around the bottom third or so and unless I have automation assigned to the cutoff, which I often do, I have to adjust it. Although on some projects the cutoff seems to revert to where it should be for that patch without automation. I've tried installing the original and the latest version with a view to running both simultaneously and writing new patches on the newer version with it's increased functionality. However, when I installed the newer version to a subfolder in my vst directory the new install was seen by my host but not the original version. Renaming the second install only resulted in the renamed one not being recognised.

I'm using Strobe 2 in quite a few projects that I wish to complete, so really I don't want to spend a lot of time mucking about like this,especially since my day job is taking quite a lot of my time right now. Obviously, it would appear that whatever has been done to make Strobe 2 work more effectively with Roli tech has changed some of the parameters so that certain patches no longer work. Maybe with simpler patches, which many in the factory set are, any difference is subtle or not apparent at all. So maybe you guys didn't notice when optimizing and rewriting the code. With complex patches though it's pretty much a crap shoot as to whether they'll work as intended. With complex patches that I've used in projects with lots of automation on them I've yet to hear one that doesn't sound like garbage now :cry:
To my knowledge, all of the original patches, bar the ones that come with seaboard, are written on the older version, so obviously this needs to be looked at. There may be people like me who are presently puzzling over why their old projects sound like crap now.
I've no idea how long it might take you to resolve this problem, so until such time, could you pm me with an original install from, Strobe 2 V. Version Type: Public Beta, Release Date: 2016-03-23, that is not expired? This way I can complete my projects and also be sure that they'll work. Strobe 2 is a great synth with a unique sound, that is almost modular in it's conception and overall vibe. Sure, I could probably replace the Strobe 2 parts with something from the likes of Diva, Bazille, or Reaktor Blocks, but that would be a lot of work for something that would not have it's unique qualities or sound.

Rory has a copy of an arp set I did on spec last year. Check them out on the old install and the problems with a lot of patches should be readily apparent when playing them on the newer installs.

The host I'm using is FL Studio 12.4.

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Re: Latest (2017) installs for Strobe 2. Many patches completely FUBARED

Postby Lawrence_fx » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:54 pm

Hi yemski, sorry to hear you've experienced such trouble with the latest version of Strobe2. We're looking into this issue to see what could be causing the problem. If you have any particular presets that exhibit the problem clearly, please send a link to them in a PM and I shall take a look.

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