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Release Notes [v2.3.6.3]

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Release Notes [v2.3.6.3]

Postby Lawrence_fx » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:00 pm

Hi all,

A new public beta version of Strobe2, v2.3.6.3, is now available in your FXpansion accounts. This version features a number of bug fixes as well as Strobe2 Player (featuring a simplified UI with 50 factory presets) for users with a registered ROLI Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block, as well as some slight changes to the UI as a full application. Users with a full Strobe2 license can changed between Easy (Player) and Edit mode at will.

You can find the release notes below. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.


Bugs fixed:

[] Crash when logging in to My ROLI account
[] Demo mode text is truncated in menu bar
[] Line running through titles in Easy mode with Light & Modern themes
[] Transparency makes it difficult to navigate login screen
[] Email address is not confined to box
[] Password asterisks are invisible
[] 'Problems logging in?' button does nothing
[] Crash when enabling CC Learn in Player
[] Preset is not recalled in DAW project
[] CC Learn highlighting overlaps Preset Save window
[] Saving a preset logs you out of Strobe2
[] Crash when saving preferences
[] Switching from Easy to Edit view draws grey outline
[] Not possible to log in to My ROLI
[] Duplicate presets when upgrading from Player to Full
[] Audio dropout when applying LFO to Detune param
[] Selecting preset in top menu bar highlights it but does nothing
[] 'Upgrade to full version' logs you out immediately
[] Preset names too small in Modern Theme
[] Params do not turn green when CC Learn is enabled
[] Crash in Cubase 9 when clicking Edit...
[] 'Log in to my ROLI account' opens License Manager
[] Duplicate Save and CC Learn buttons
[] Changing Oversampling size affects reverb tail length

Known issues:

[] 'Purchase Strobe2' links to Strobe2 page rather than discounted link or info on upgrading
[] Double-click required to enter details in My ROLI login fields
[] Return key must be pressed to confirm each field when saving preset
[] X and Y CCs are drawn on top of each other
[] Uninstaller appears to hang yet uninstalls successfully
[] Easy/Edit state is not recalled when saving preferences
[] Clicking artefacts heard when PlSlideCurve applied to SubOsc Shape

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Re: Release Notes [v2.3.6.3]

Postby francisjaen77 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:18 pm

The eft doesn't fit the space where they are.

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