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Vintage Recording Techniques Pack is a break through!

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Vintage Recording Techniques Pack is a break through!

Postby Drummer1990 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:49 pm

Hi guys,

Who else has this new pack and was stunned like me by the realism??

I am usually a big big fan of the Tom Resonance feature because it adds realism and depth.
When I loaded the pack for the first time I realized that this is the only pack available so far for BFD that has real bleed in the Toms!!
It truly is the most realistic pack for BFD out there.
Keep this feature for the coming packs please! This was the only thing were superior was ahead of BFD.
The bandwidth of us is now big enough for this kind of stuff.

Oh and am I wrong thinking that the Glyn Johns preset is wrong?

When you dial it up in drummer perspective the hi hats are on the left.
I know from the videos it looks like the drummer was left handed so the hi hat is on the left but this was switched around on all other microphones.

Furthermore I'm guessing that the labelling GJ FT stands for the mic next to the Floortom and the GJ HH mic is the overhead in the center?

The preset has the FT mic halfway to the left and the overhead mic above the snare all the way to the right.

However, classic Glyn Johns has the one above the snare halfway to the right, and the other overhead mic -- the one near the floor tom -- to the far left.

Now given that we have a left handed drummer in order to be in line with the rest of the pack we need to switch this round as well so the floor tom mic to the far right and the one above the snare halfway to the left.

Can anyone follow me stil? :D :D Or am I completely wrong?

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Re: Vintage Recording Techniques Pack is a break through!

Postby Drew_fx » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:24 am

Hahaha! Indeed I am a lefty. Looks like when I did that preset I got my hands mixed up! I'd recommend tweaking it and re-saving the preset.

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