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Installation Nightmare

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:43 am
by nicklawmusic
I recently purchased the Modern Snare expansion pack but no matter what I do, I cannot get the license manager to authorise it. I've tried reinstalling it, Ive tried redownloading it, I've installed the new license manager, and every time I get a red message saying 'Software not installed properly. Please reinstall!' (or something to that effect).

I've been trying since Friday last week and nothing! It's extremely frustration, especially because the files are so large so they take a long time to install.

I'm running OS Yosemite if that helps.

Re: Installation Nightmare

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:22 am
by purtington
Have you filled in the on line support form?

Whilst someone on here might be able to help, the forum isn't the official place to be asking but it's often
a good idea to do both. Jord runs a mac and I know he's probably going to know the answer so maybe here and PM him or hope he ses this post.


Re: Installation Nightmare

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:16 pm
by Drew_BFDTeam
Try simply restarting the computer. Sometimes that gives License Manager a kick that it needs!