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General thread for Expansion install issues

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General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby plexus » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:35 pm

Since the install issues seem not to be for specific expansions, but for basically all of them, here is a thread to cover install issues where the various components of a library are not showing up.

For me, it's hit and miss. I decided last night to delete everything and uninstall BFD3 and start again - a long arduous process considering my library is about 200G. A waste of time.

It didn't work. I first started with only the libraries I need for my current project. The only presets and kits that show up are those from the Core Library and KBH. KBH was now showing up last night and neither from JTP. I was getting the Drums and Grooves but not the Presets and Kits. I tried copying the Presets and Kits from the installer folders (where I could) into the Presets and Kits folders in the FXpansion/BFD3/ (etc) folder in /....Application Support - they would show in BFD3 but crash it when selected.

KBH presets and kits were showing. But I did a rescan all to try and JTP to show and now both presets and kits aren't showing. I have to click "show BFD2" whatever and then KBH shows up but still no JTP. This is horrible.

FXPansion.... How do we get these installer to install Presets and Kits reliably? This seems to be the common issue here.

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Re: General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby plexus » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:00 am

I am making some head-way. I've had to learn to be a sysadmin to try and get these expansions working. I am running Logic Pro X.10.3 on El Capitain.

First I uninstalled BFD3. I deleted the BFD3 and BFD2 folders from /Library..Application Support/FXpansion folder. I deleted all expansions. I created folder for each expansion in a BFD Data folder. I installed Platinum Classic Drums, the BFD Core library, JTP and KBK. The latter two I was having problems with. I ran BFD3 and let it do its thing scanning. I rescanned all content. I deleted all the content paths. I re-scanned all content. I manually scanned the BFD Data folder. What I am doing here is trying everything all once trying to get all these to work. I didn't try them in between steps.

I had to manually copy the presets and kits from the installer Payload folder into BFD2/System/Kits and Presets. I saw they had bfd2 extensions and these were not in any folder for JTP. But for KBK they did get installed here. So for JTP I manually placed them here.

In the content panel I "added BFD2 paths"

At this point things were working. Classic Drums and Core were working fine. KBK actually worked! I had presets and kits and it worked with grooves. But JTP crashes BFD3 when I try and open a preset. It will spin for a few seconds and crash. I looked at the persmissions for the KBK presets and kits they were different than for JTP. So made the JTP presets and kits files have the same permissions as KBK but it still crashes on loading a preset.

I am wondering if a drum file is messed up?

Obvisouly this is sysadim type stuff just trying to get these to work.

FXpansion can you please help out here?

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Re: General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby plexus » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:09 am

I was able to make a kit from all the JTP drums. they all work. I saved it as a kit and when I went to re-open the kit I saved, it crashed BFD3. so I dont think its a drum. At this point I have no idea.

FXpansion, we need you now.

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Re: General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby purtington » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:44 am

It might worth noting in this thread that some people have bought expansion kits assuming that they shipped with lots of kit presets and presets with midi loops included but not all of them do.

It generally pays to read the FAQ as it will usually tell you if they do or not.

I've seen a few posts on here from people who have thought their kits didn't install properly because they're looking for presets that were never there to start with


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Re: General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby plexus » Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:29 pm

That's true purtington. It's always prudent to check exactly what is included. Some expansions might just contain drums and that's it.

I have made progress. I was able to get all my expansion packs working except Japanese Taiko. Here is what I have working: Imperial, Jex, Kabuki, Oblivion, Sleishman drums and snares, Swan, YOK, Percussion. Yes I even got Percussion to to work. Here is what I did. Some of these steps may not be necessary but I wanted to do everything I could to get these to work:

1. completely uninstall BFD3 including /Library/Application Support/FXplansion/BFD3 and BFD2 (on a mac). I kept the user BFD3 folder in Documents. I also completely deleted all expansions.

2. Install BFD3. Did not run it.

3. Create a folder for the expansions BFD Data. Create a folder in BFD Data for each expansion pack (eg. BFD JTP, BFD Oblivion etc).

4. Painstakingly installed all the expansions in their respective folders. I also have some 3rd party expansions but these were not giving me problems. Only the BFD expansions were problematic (well, except for Neil Peart Drums which didnt appear to come with Presets and Kits which I got elsewhere).

5. When I did the installs, where I was given a choice between BFD2 or BFD3, I choose BFD3. Many of the expansions however only have kits and presets for BFD2 and for whatever reasons these do not get installed and this is why they dont show up.

6. For those expansions that have an Installer folder along with the install app, in Installer/Payload/System if there is a BFD2 folder, I copied the Presets and Kits into the BFD2 Presets and Kits folders in /Library/Application Support/FXplansion/ manually. I also checked that the BFD3 Presets and Kits were installed.

7. Run BFD3. After the content scan. I deleted all the content paths and Searched Folder... in the BDF Data folder I created. Then, I clicked Load BDF2 paths. Then check your library. If it's still missing things, try clicking Load BFD2 paths again. Still missing? Try a complete re-scan and load BFD2 paths again. usually it takes a few Load BFD2 paths to get everything. This is known as Crappy Software®.

The key is to make sure all the files from the System install folder are in the respective BFD2 or BFD3 "system" folders. For whatever reason the installers don't install them or sometimes don't.

However... Even though Taiko is now installed and showing, when I select a Preset or Kit, it crashes BFD3. I can access the drums and make a kit from them but when i save and re-load the kit, it crashes.

I am wondering if you select to install for BFD2 instead of BFD3 if it will install the BFD2 files in the BFD2 folders so you don't have to do it manually. Maybe you have to run the installer twice each for BFD2 and BFD3?

I spent about 9 hours working on this. Total waste of time and now I am behind in my work. So I didn't try the above install idea. However I will try it with Taiko since its not working and see if this is what you have to do to avoid the manual process.

UPDATE: I just removed Taiko and reinstalled. First BFD3 only. It did not install any System files (presets, kits) etc either in the aforementioned BFD2 or BFD3 folders. I removed it all again, reinstalled with For all versions. Again, it did not install the System files.

I think FXPansions installers are broken. This is why people are not seeing these kits and presets. So, for installers with the Installer/Payload folder you will have to move the kits and presets manually. if they end in an extensions with bfd2 in it, put them in the BFD2 folders and then "load BFD2 paths".

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Re: General thread for Expansion install issues

Postby plexus » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:47 pm

UPDATE: Taiko is now working. I contacted support who told me to update to which just came out today based on the download link. I wonder if it was in relation to this thread? In any case, its now working after installing the update!

10 hours later.... :cry:

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