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BFD Orchestral issues & slight disappointment

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BFD Orchestral issues & slight disappointment

Postby Mr Arkadin » Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:28 pm


I recently bought BFD Orchestral in the sale. I have to say it's the first pack by fxpansion that I have been slightly disapointed in. Scant info on the website doesn't help, but for £28 I thought I'd give it a go. It's as if they don't really want you to know what's in the kit - I had to Google a MusicTech review to find a list of the drums. To be fair for the money it is pretty good and the drums are good.

However I am finding the tubular bells to be somewhat of a let down. First of all there are no kits for this, just some drum ones with an individual bell to hit. I would have liked a full chromatic set-up. Actually this is where BFD3 fails - it really needs a chromatic display with just a keyboard as well as the drums display.

As it is I'm trying to build my own percussion set. Firstly it seems impossible to have the full scale of the tubular bells in one kit, so I've split it over two kits. Next it seems the hits are mislabelled, I think A2 and A#2 for instance are actually A1 and A#1, as that's what they sound like and there are no A1 and A#1 samples in my library (which there should be).

Then when I play the samples, which are currently full-length, the tails seem to build up into an unnatural noise rather than dying away. They probably need to add a mute to them (not sure the best way to do that). Also the hits seem very inconsistent to me and sound like they were hit by a different hammer at different times. I realise we want the human element in BFD, but these seem wildly inconsistent.

1. Can I build a preset with the whole scale in one kit (or do I have to split it). There are 20 notes alll together.
2. Have some of the notes been mislabelled?
3. Is there a bug in the tails which give a 'weird noise build-up' effect? What's the best way to add mutes in this case?

If someone has a preset they can share that would at least be a great starting point.

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