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Still Can't load presets

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Still Can't load presets

Postby dmuckala » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:38 pm

Still can't load saved presets in the latest version. Super bummed about this, but I'm not gonna wait anymore. I've been told an update has been coming to fix this MAJOR bug among many others for months and months. You can't release half-baked software on us and then abandon it for months while we have crashes and major functionality that still doesnt work. I rely on tools like this every day for my work and I'm not going to be a beta user for this anymore.
FXP, please tell us when the next update is coming and stop expecting us to just wait for some open-ended future date when you're going to surprise us with a version of this software that works as you advertised that it would.

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Re: Still Can't load presets

Postby kneecapped » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:25 pm

Yeah I was banned from commenting a while back for expressing a slightly more pissed off approach lol...
Its not fair to pay a lot of money to be product testers.Fxpansions should realise that people have to make a living from this and its difficult enough as it is? So why release a product that has so many bugs and crashes. I mean who tests these final release before selling to the public?In any other business it would be illegal? You buy a car only to be told "hey guys sorry it wont start, if you wait around long enough whilst we release a million other products with your money we may eventually get round to giving you the engine you need".....Its unfair its bad business and they shouldn't ban people from expressing there feelings with a product that doesn't work. Its peoples lives and money and time their messing with.I want to love Geist but I think they released it a bit early to be honest. What happened to English engineering? Used to be renowned for great products.These days paying for something you don't get seems to be the norm?I can see why piracy is an option...

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