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Postby Lawrence_fx » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:11 am

erichzann wrote:Hi,

I'm a little surprised here, I see some things that aren't liked when compared with Geist 1 but I don't quite get what's so bad about Geist 2. I use it fairly frequently and I really like it. I never used the 1st version though. Are there major bugs I'm missing or does this come down to preferences?

I ask because I HAVE had weird little issues when loading presets that I've made. It only came down to me moving files around though. If there are serious pitfalls that I haven't encountered yet I'd like to avoid them. Would someone mind giving me a summation of serious bugs if there are some? My sense is that this is about workflow issues not being addressed by FXpansion, is that right? Thanks for any help!

Hey, thank you for the feedback - a number of known issues, including preset loading when the original location of samples has been moved, have been fixed in the upcoming update that is currently in beta testing. We're aiming to release this update within the next couple of weeks (hopefully sooner!) so please keep your eyes peeled. We'll provide a full list of all bugs fixed in this update. Thanks!

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Postby erichzann » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:39 am

Great, That's the only issue I've come across. :D

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