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Ableton + Engines

Postby fucku12345 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:44 pm

There are so many threads on this topic which I think is kind of ridiculous it still has not been answered clearly... I am trying geist 2 out and and am not having any luck having my controller play engines 2 - 8 through ableton. After loading in a drumkit to engine 1 - 8 and routing the audio of the master mixer back to individual tracks within ableton, I still cant get engine 2 - 8 drumkits to play through the midi controller. However if I click the pads in engine 2 - 8 audio will play through the dedicated audio track within ableton as intended so the audio is being routed correctly. The problem seems to be = I cant arm any other engine besides engine 1 ? I have read the manual and do not understand where I am meant to be assigning channel 9 everything seems to be working as intended except I cant use any other engine, this is super frustrating and any help is appreciated, Cheers.

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