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Geist 2 FL Studio latency glitch

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Geist 2 FL Studio latency glitch

Postby kneticmusic » Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:04 pm

Updated Geist 2 to most recent version, but I have tested this prior to upgrading as well. Windows 10, UR22soundcard, NektarGx61- followed instructions, deleted 32 bit version of plugin. Would really love to use this in Fl Studio(running version 20).

Latency only occurs when you launch the actual plugin window in FL Studio. If the plugin is used in pattern mode or song mode without the viewing the actual plugin window(can't really use Geist2 properly like this) as you are recording or playing back, there is no issue with latency at all.

However, if I want to keep the plugin window open and record the latency makes any performance impossible, noticeable delay on all midi inputs to the pads and even screen functions are extra slow with the mouse.

Verified that this issue does not happen at all in Ableton 9.

Any ideas?


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