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What PPQN does Geist run at?

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What PPQN does Geist run at?

Postby Kayvon » Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:56 pm

Bit of idle curiosity here more than anything but I wonder what PPQN resolution Geist runs at taking into account the shift lane?

Every 16th note has 100 locations where it can be placed; 0 being no shift and counting as one of the locations going up to 99 and then 1.00 being the 0 shift point of the next step.

If it were that simple the PPQN would be 400. However, as anyone who's looked into these things is aware it's rarely that simple...

Plus this assumes one is simply running at 1x speed with no tempo modification etc etc so by adding that in the potential PPQN goes way up!!

Yeah, idle curiosity here but would be interesting to know how it works nevertheless. Cheers (:

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