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Postby Kickflip » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:36 pm

mholloway wrote:
Kickflip wrote:That's already in there :-)
Just hold down one of the modifier keys while dragging to get finer accuracy. I'm not sure which key as I have a Windows keyboard on a Hackintosh, but it's either Alt or Ctrl.

Whoa, seriously!? That's great! I'll try it out when I get home. It seems a very weird / hidden requirement to need a modifier key to drag left, when dragging to the right (increasing duration) doesn't require one..... seems like it should be symmetrical behavior to to me, drag right to cover multiple steps, drag left to make it smaller than 1 step....<shrug>

Very glad to hear this though, will try it out as soon as I can. Thanks!


It makes sense imo, as rather than allowing you to go backwards, it allows finer control, and this fits in with the way most plugins allow you to achieve more accuracy on any of the knobs. So without the modifier, you can make a crash or a snare with a huge reverb on the recording last exactly 1 beat and stop exactly on the next hit, and with it you can get the fine control to put a little bit of variation on the lengths of a high hat pattern - this variation could need to be longer than one hit as well as shorter.

Of course, subtracting one step from one step would delete the hit, which wouldn't be helpful at all!
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Postby FluxMachina » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:40 pm

Now that Bitwig supports VST3, is there any plan for note expression / MPE?
The Geist pattern editor looks like it's built for it. There is no plan to support polyphonic notes but to extend the flexibility of the pattern editor over to the sequencer without having to assign random controllers would be great, and a lot tidier.

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Postby karnold » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:49 pm

Some midi feature would be very handy like

- 'Reverse' button mapped as momentary, it could be recordable till held down.
- Midi version of Shift button for fine adjustment
- Inserting pattern variations
- Delete pattern or erase all step
- New pad mode: scene control.
- Mappable window change
- Engine selector slider or Engine select rev/fwd button.
- Mappable graphmode selector slider with midi focus. At least 8 basic (velocity,coarstune..etc) which has no submenu.
- Pc keyboard note playing capability. 'A-W-S-D-E-F..." for playing notes and x/y to change banks/octaves.

+ Sampler parameters don't work for all when all pad/all layer on.
+ Capability to change playback mode and choke without samples loaded. Would be nice to save as default presets with different settings on engines.
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Postby JohnCarer » Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:29 am

The current process of dealing with missing files in Geist2 is completely inferior to that of Geist1. When opening up an instance of Geist1, it instantly notifies you of any missing files and give you the option to locate them. You guys labeled this window the "File Finder" and I believe Geist2 deserves it. Currently in Geist2, I have to go to the Tools menu and select the option myself. That's a much worse way of dealing with missing samples for a number of reasons.

1) If I open up a project to make changes on one instance of geist and save without realizing there's a missing sample somewhere else in the project, then when I go to open up the project again, the option to "find missing files" in the Tools menu is disabled in every instance of geist and I have no way to locate that sample (mainly because I wouldn't know the name).

2) If I'm opening up an older project I may not ever know whether or not certain samples are missing. (i.e If i made a snare sound using 3 sample layers on 1 pad, and 1 layer is gone, I might not notice 6 months after-the-fact). This becomes a huge problem when recalling.

3) If I want to make a quick edit on a sound, I'll make the edit and then save the project. I won't go through every single sound to make sure it sounds exactly like I remember it. Unfortunately, if I go to re-open this proejct at a later date and realize something is missing, I won't have the option to relocate it.

I'm not sure why this hasn't been brought up or fixed yet, but for someone like myself who always tried to perfect their sample organization by renaming and moving folders/etc, this is the biggest flaw I see in Geist2.

Ideally, Geist 2's process for locating samples would emulate Native Instrument's Kontakt, which notifies you of missing samples upon loading the DAW file rather than the plugin itslef (thus preventing the possibility of saving the file without being aware of missing samples).

Thanks in advance for any work that might go into this.

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Postby nalsea » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:12 am

Please make I can import Logic Pro x Transient markers in Geist 2

I bought Geist2 yesterday.
But I using slice of Audio file in Logic Pro x audio file editor window.
because it is very convenient, But esx24 is very uncomfortable.
I want to import Logic Pro x Transient markers in Geist 2.
So, Do you have plan about to import Logic Pro x Transient markers in Geist 2 In the near future?
Or Can you make it more convenient like Logic Pro x Transient marker.
Geist 2 slice editor is very uncomfortable.
There are a some bug about zooming(https://youtu.be/_t9-vmi20iw)
Please make I can import Logic Pro x Transient markers in Geist 2 As soon as possible!!!. :roll:
Best regards
Tae Hyoung

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Postby sparrow91 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:24 pm

Hi everyone

I wanted to know if it's possible to add the function glide/portamento in Geist 2? The glide/portamento is very useful for a bass line or 808. Thank You.

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Postby emef » Fri May 12, 2017 3:31 pm

would love to see screensets in Geist
it'd be great to see it implemented like in Halion
5 buttons so i can change the look of Geist with a single button click, no more dragging bits up and down, left and right etc

and glide/portamento as mentioned above would be a really great addition

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Postby zvenx » Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:19 pm

Hi, sorry if this has been requested before.
I just got Geist2.....one of the first issues I am having is, I work on two platforms.... Mac and PC....

although the folder structure for Geist2 on both are the same the volume name on the Mac is very different from the volume name for PC.

As a result, any project I do on mac and take it to PC it can't find the samples and vice versa.

several ways to avoid this:
in native instrument maschine and battery they use alias, so you name a library an alias, and it doesn't matter where that alias is... once both pc and mac use the same aliases they will find it effortlessly.

in halion by steinberg, you tell it the subfolder name and once the subfolder structures are the same, it will find the samples on both mac and pc easily... (I asuspect mediabay may also play a part).
thats my first FR.
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Postby oilpanic » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:01 am

How about a feature that will take a pattern and divide it into a finer grid automatically?
Imagine you have a 16 step grid pattern you have made. Now press the new button to turn the same pattern into a 32 or 64 step grid, keeping the hits at their relative positions, and adjusting step time accordingly to fit the new size grid, i.e. sound the same as before. Now you got the basic beat, but can start flamming and shifting things around at a much finer level, without the initial hassle of placing your initial pattern hits in the now huge grid.

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Postby oilpanic » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:08 am

in G2 there are fields in the patterns that are a darker colour, dividing the patterns into 4 note lengths. Why not make this customisable? That would make perfect sense if one is making beats in division of 12 (3x4)

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Postby sam26 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:16 pm

One thing that would really help would be a history of sounds per pad, like even just 4 or 5. Let me explain.

Even with undo, it is still possible to lose sounds on the pad when auto load is enabled. Here is a scenario.
I'm using pad bank A, and I spend tons of time crafting a snare that I love, and I'm good to go.
Then I switch to pad bank B, start looking for a sci fi sound. My snare is still selected in pad bank A though I don't realize it because I can't see it. So I click on a sci fi sound and it is loaded into my finely crafted snare sound, but I don't realize that either because I'm in a new part of the song with no snare. So I click on a pad in bank B, and go about making my beat. Now I go back to the part of the song where my finely crafted snare was and there is a weird sci fi sound there instead! I've made a ton of moves since then so undo doesn't really help.

But imagine there was a pad history function, if I could right click on that pad and go back to my snare, I'm good to go. That auto-replace function is really awesome, also dangerous though.

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Postby sam26 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:31 pm

Been thinking about this more, maybe instead of history for each pad, treat auto-load more like auditioning a sample that requires confirmation. Something that offers a bit more protection. As it is, it is just too easy to mess up something with no way of returning it to where it was.

Can't type spaces when naming patterns. It just starts and stops. Also when typing, enter doesn't work as expected, I have to click somewhere else once naming is complete.

Is it possible to quickly erase two or more selected pads? Would be nice to be able to clear pads with the delete key, and would be nice to select multiple pads and clear those with the delete key.

Thanks guys!

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Postby pthfx » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:12 pm

Now in File menu we have commands like Save Pattern as midi.
Would it be possible to have "Save Song as midi"?

Then one could design a song in Geist, save it as midi, open that in DAW and then make some small tweaks to patterns so it wouldn't sound so repetetive.

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Sampler not reading R channel input level

Postby phil.miller84@gmail.com » Tue May 29, 2018 7:00 pm

Using sampler with a presonus Studiolive in ASIO mode, you can select right channel input, and monitor function works, but level is not read so you cannot record. L channel works fine.

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Postby seige313 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:06 pm

The new Studio One 4 has this pattern feature.. and in each lane you can control the divisions. If Geist 2 adapted that feature where you can control the quantize division of each lane it would make Geist 2 THAT much better than any drum machine on the market.

Also The time stretch has to be updated with possible warp markers .. Also the sound of the time stretching needs to be updated.. like to 2018 standards. It still sounds very grainy and you don't really have control over the time stretched sound.

Also is there a cropping feature? Seems like Time stretch would work better if I could control the start and end section of a loop.

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