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How to send to inputs 3+4 for side-chaining?

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How to send to inputs 3+4 for side-chaining?

Postby sidbo » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:49 am


How exactly does one send to specific inputs of a plugin such as those of the Dynamics suite?
I am a Logic and Studio One 2 user and cannot see any way to route to specific inputs of ANY plugin...!

Forgive me if this is a stupid question but when I asked Presonus support how to do similar with an EQ plugin called "SPAN" by Voxengo, they did not know!

In my experience one can send to an FX channel or BUS or not - there are no routing options such as specifying which input.
I know, having seen a video tutorial featuring Ableton Live and the above "SPAN" plugin, that this IS possible with Ableton and I also note that FXpansion appear to use Live for their video tutorials.

But how does one achieve Dynamics side-chaining with other DAWS?

Thanks in advance.

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Postby Drew_BFDTeam » Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:45 pm

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Postby sidbo » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:40 pm

Thanks, but my question was not about how to side-chain in general - I know very well how to do that (thank you).

Neither of the tutorials you link to show how to specify which input of the side-chained bus/FX plugin you want to send to.
They just show how to do basic side-chaining.

So why does the Dynamics manual specify inputs "3+4" if these are non-specifiable in DAWS such as Logic and Studio One?
(recognising that it appears to be possible to to this in Ableton LIVE - I get that).

I quote:

"External (External sidechain)
Activate the External button in order to use the sidechain signal as the source for the peak
detection circuit, allowing you to control the dynamics of the input signal with another signal
This function involves routing the desired external sidechain signal to inputs 3-4 of the plugin

In Studio One 2 - When I insert FXpansion Dynamics processors as a channel insert, on a BUS or on an FX channel the following occurs:

    1) For the Channel compressor there is no side chain available - I presume that is by design - understood.

    2) For the Bus Compressor I can simply use the standard Studio One side-chaining - no "inputs 3+4" to be seen or specified


    3) For the Cross Compressor - the same as for the Bus compressor -but still, no need to specify inputs 3+4 anywhere.


    4) For the EnvShaper - the GUI refers to a "side-chain" but regardless of how this plugin is inserted (on a channel, a BUS or FX) Studio One does not present a "side-chain" button as it does for the Bus and Cross compressor.


It seems to me that there isn't the facility to specify which channel of an inserted plugin you wish to send to in Logic OR Studio One - Unless you know otherwise and to be honest, it is becoming more of an academic question now!

Further, the manual/layout for EnvShaper refers to a "side-chain" that is not a "side-chain" but actually the INPUT SIGNAL to/for EnvShaper is it not?!

If it IS a true "side-chain" then why does it not appear so in Studio One as it does for Bus Compressor and Cross Compressor?

The implication from reading the EnvShaper manual/GUI is that instead of shaping via the input signal, one can shape the input signal via a side-chain input - but this isn't possible because S1 doesn't provide a side-chain input.

Or at least if it is possible, how do I specify the side-chain input for EnvShaper as implicated in the GUI?

(If this is not in fact a side-chain input but the standard input for the plugin, why is the term "side-chain" used?)



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Postby Kickflip » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:22 am

I think generally you won't be able to specify the inputs as you don't really need to. Inputs 1 & 2 are the audio in, Inputs 3 & 4 are the sidechain in. Logic just lets you select which channel that Input 3 & 4 will listen to. Ableton's a bit more featured when it comes to sending signals around the place, for example you can send MIDI directly to plugins - meaning you can easily control a plugin instance of StutterEdit and Effectrix, but in Logic it has to be set up as an audio instrument.

So basically, the way you're already sidechaining is the way you send to inputs 3 & 4.

You're correct about the EnvShaper sidechain input being only for the original Input signal, that one confused me at first!
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Postby sidbo » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:56 am

Thanks - so I guess we might conclude that the Dynamics manual/reference material and in the case of the EnvShaper, GUI, is confusing.
That will teach me to READ THE MANUAL (first for once).

In Logic and Studio One it is not possible to select a plugin's specific inputs - in fact you wouldn't be able to ascertain that a plugin even HAD alternative inputs.
Thus stating that one has to choose input's 3+4 for Sidechaining is confusing to a lot of DAW users. Or at least it was for this DAW user and I've been using DAWs for longer than I am going to admit.

EnvShaper's GUI refers to a side-chain that is not a side-chain. It's an input.

Just for the sake of clarification, you can send midi to any plugin that supports MIDI input in Logic by inserting the plugin as a "MIDI-Controlled effect".

Anyway, it certainly appears that LIVE can do some clever stuff with audio/MIDI routing, but as a recent Studio One convert, I am loving the simplicity of its workflow and ironically, the lack of options in some regards - it just does what it "says on the tin" and does it very well.

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