Starting the authorization process

The most convenient way to begin the authorization is to launch the BFD3 standalone application.

Mac OSX: Applications folder

Windows: C:\Program Files\FXpansion\BFD3


When the instrument detects it is not yet authorized, FX License Manager is launched automatically.

You can also launch BFD3 as a plugin, although some hosts can interfere with the authorization process so using the BFD3 standalone application can be more straightforward.

Authorizing BFD3 once results in authorization of all formats on your system - this includes the standalone application and all plugins formats.


Introduction to License Manager

FX License Manager (also referred to in this guide as License Manager or simply LM) is an application used to manage licenses and authorizations for BFD3 and other FXpansion software products. The computer on which you want to use the FXpansion product(s) does NOT need to be on the internet.

You can authorize your products in 2 ways:

Using an internet connection on the same computer

Using a web browser and an Authorization Request file to generate an Authorization file - this can be on any other computer


An Authorization Request file identifies the computer on which you want to use BFD3 - it is unique to the single computer on which it is generated.

An Authorization file generated using an Authorization Request file authorizes BFD3 only on the computer which originally created the Authorization Request file!


Login window

When FX License Manager is launched, the Login window is displayed after an internet connection check.


If the computer has an internet connection, fill in the User name and Password boxes with your user account login details and click the Log in button.

To log in automatically when launching LM in the future, ensure the Remember my details checkbox is activated. If several people use the computer, it is recommended to deactivate this checkbox.


When you log in to your user account, LM works in Online mode - it communicates with our online authorization system directly using your computer's internet connection.

If the computer you want to authorize does not possess an internet connection, click the Work offline button to enter Offline mode, which lets you perform the authorization process from another computer which is internet-enabled.


Important note for upgrade users

If you are authorizing the BFD3 upgrade version, your user account must include a valid BFD2 registration.


Account problems

If you have forgotten the password for your account, click the Reset forgotten password button. This launches a form on our website which resets your password - it is not possible to retrieve previous passwords due to encrypted password storage being used.

If you have not yet created an user account, click the Create an account button.

In the event that you have multiple accounts or any other problem with your account, please contact our support team who will resolve the issue as soon as possible.