Possible problems during download, installation and authorization

Download stalls before it is complete

This may occur in the event of an interruption to the internet connection - to restart the download please proceed as follows:
1. Ensure you are logged into your account in License Manager
2. Press CMD-O (Mac) or CTRL-O (Windows) - navigate to and select your download ticket which is usually located within the Downloads folder in your user location
3. This will begin the download process, resuming from the previous download attempt

4. If the download stalls again before completion, click the 'X' button at the upper-right of the download (in the Downloads page of License Manager)
5. License Manager asks if you want to remove the download package - click 'Yes'
6. License Manager then asks if you want to remove the data already downloaded - click 'No'
7. Now repeat the procedure from step 1 above


Other download problems such as slow speeds

If you are encountering slow downloads, please ensure that your ISP does not impose download quotas or bandwidth throttling.

The BFD3 data download is provided using the Amazon S3 server network - a very widely used and reliable service. Please ensure that your ISP is not throttling connections to these servers.

In some cases, download problems may be caused by energy saver settings on your operating system. Please ensure that your computer is not set to automatically sleep or power down its hard drives after a period of inactivity.

License Manager will not launch automatically when BFD3 is launched and is unauthorized

This may occur after major updates to operating systems - to overcome the issue, simply launch License Manager manually - it can be found in your Applications folder (Mac OSX) or in C:/Program Files/FXpansion/License Manager (Windows).

Your serial number is registered to a different account

Your serial number belongs to you - it identifies you as the legitimate owner of the software. As such, only one person can be the owner of a given serial number, and only that user account can generate authorizations based on that serial number. Occasionally, users end up with more than one account, with product registrations distributed between them - this can especially be a problem when authorizing upgrades. If this applies to you, please contact our support team to resolve the situation.

Too many authorizations have been issued for a serial number

If you've run out of authorizations (perhaps if you've installed the software on several different computers, or if you reinstall or upgrade your computer hardware frequently), you will need to contact our technical support team explaining the circumstances.

We issue only a certain number of authorizations per serial number, and a serial number can only belong to one user. We appreciate these restrictions can be inconvenient in some circumstances - however, preventing abuse of the license helps keep prices down, and facilitates continued development, free updates and responsive technical support.

If you encounter any other problems during the installation or authorization, first consult the BFD3 FAQ. If your problem still cannot be resolved, see below for details on contacting our support team.

Learning how to use BFD3

The BFD3 operation manual can be launched using the Open online manual function in BFD3's Help menu.

It is also available at the BFD3 web page: www.fxpansion.com/BFD3

Video introductions

The BFD3 web page also contains links to BFD3 videos, or alternatively you can browse our Youtube channel:


Software updates

We highly recommend that you check our site for updates as soon as possible. BFD3 is constantly under development in order to increase its performance.

If you encounter a problem with the software, it is very likely that the issue will be fixed by updating to the latest version available on our website.

Technical support

If you encounter any unresolvable problems when using BFD3, please follow these steps:

1.Fully read the BFD3 operation manual.

2.Consult the BFD3 FAQ, which is frequently updated with current issues. You can access this from the BFD3 Help menu (see above).

3.If you cannot resolve your problem with the information provided in the FAQ, please contact our technical support team:


Please note that you must register your copy of BFD3 before you can receive support, whether through our support ticket system or via the forum.

It is highly recommended to use the ticket system for most technical issues, as it prompts you for the information we need in order to process your support request as efficiently as possible. Support enquiries with inadequate information simply take longer to resolve so you'll save yourself time by describing the situation fully. Our support staff will endeavour to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying using BFD3.