If the computer on which you want to use BFD3 is not connected to the internet, it is possible to use a separate internet-connected computer to authorize.


1. This process requires you to use Offline mode in License Manager - when the Login dialog appears, click Work offline to enter Offline mode.

LM performs a scan of all FXpansion products in your system. After the scan has completed, LM prompts you to authorize any detected FXpansion product which is not yet authorized.



2. Each detected FXpansion product has a checkbox to its left - if the checkbox is activated, it will be authorized. Multiple products can be authorized at once.

Deactivate the checkbox, by clicking it, for any product that you do not wish to authorize at this time. This is more applicable if multiple FXpansion products are installed on your system.



3. Click Next in order to proceed.



4. You are now prompted to enter a serial for each product that you wish to authorize.


5. If you are authorizing multiple products and cannot locate the serial for any product(s) at this time, click the Skip button to avoid authorizing the product(s) until later. Otherwise, enter the serial for each product and click Next.


6. LM then informs you that it is about to create an AuthRequest file (*.AuthRequest) within a new folder.

Click Next to display a file system dialog box prompting you for a location, with the Desktop as the default. The folder is saved to the specified location.


A single AuthRequest file is created for all products that were not skipped in the previous step. You can either leave License Manager running at this point or quit if you need to shut down your machine until later - whichever is more convenient.


7. Copy this folder to a USB flash drive or use some other means to transfer it to a computer with an internet connection.


8. Open the copied folder on the internet-enabled computer. As well as the AuthRequest file, the folder also contains a link to the authorization page on our website - double click the .url or .webloc file - or manually point your browser to:




9. On the authorization page, you first need to log in to your FXpansion.com user account with your user name and password. If you cannot remember your password, click the Forgot your login? link and follow the instructions to reset your password.


10. After logging in successfully, click the Browse button. Navigate to and select the .AuthRequest file in the file browser that appears.




11. Click the Submit button. The webpage processes the AuthRequest file and creates an Authorization file (*.Auth) which you are prompted to download (although some browsers download the file automatically to the computer's default download location, usually the Downloads folder within your user folder).

A single .Auth file is generated for all products that you wished to authorize.



12. Copy this .Auth file back to the original computer on which the .AuthRequest file was generated using a USB drive or other suitable method.



13. If License Manager is still running after step 6, click Next and skip to step 15.

14. If License Manager is not still running, launch it and click the Work offline button in the Login dialog - LM scans your system and prompts you to authorize detected products as before. Click the Import button.




15. You are now prompted for the Authorization file generated in step 11.

Browse to the .Auth file that you copied over from the internet-enabled computer and select it.

The authorization is now complete and you are now ready to use BFD3.