Deauthorizing a product

The Products/DeAuthorize product(s) menu function lets you deauthorize a product and remove it from License Manager.

This process deactivates the authorization on your computer and synchronizes this information with your user account.

The deactivated product(s) will not reappear in License Manager until it is next launched as a standalone application (instruments only) or as a plugin.

Uninstall option

The Deauthorize dialog box also features an Also uninstall software option. If this option is activated, the uninstaller application for the product is also launched. Follow the on-screen uninstaller instructions to complete the process.

Offline mode

If you are working in Offline mode, the deauthorization is synchronized with your user account using a generated file in a similar process to that described in the Offline Authorization guide. A DeAuthorization file is generated which must be submitted to our website at


When LM is in Online mode, clicking the Update button initiates communication with the website to check for updated versions of your installed FXpansion products. If any newer versions are found, each product is listed along with a checkbox. Deactivate the checkbox for any product(s) you do not wish to update at this time and click the Download button. The relevant updates are downloaded to your system's download folder (usually the Downloads folder within your user folder) and are shown on the Downloads page - click the Downloads button to display this page.

Note: License Manager does not launch the update installers - you must browse to your download folder and manually launch each update installer.

If you cannot use License Manager in Online mode, updates must be downloaded manually from our website after logging in to your user account.

Undetected products

If an installed FXpansion product cannot be seen in the list of detected products, this means that you have not yet attempted to launch the product. Any product MUST be launched after installation in order to populate itself within LM.

Simply launch the product in order to solve this issue - either the standalone application (instruments only) or the plugin in a host/DAW.