During the purchase process in the FXpansion.com webshop, BFD3 was registered to your account automatically.

After completing the purchase, you will have received an email containing instructions for downloading the required components to install BFD3:

• BFD3 Software installer
• Download ticket for downloading the Core Library audio data


Please download the above files and then proceed as follows:


1. Run the BFD3 Software installer for your platfrom - Mac OSX or Windows


2. Double-click the Download ticket file: BFD3_Core_Library.fxfdownload - this begins the Core Library audio data download within FX License Manager.


3. When the Core Library installer download is complete, launch it using the Run button in the Downloads page of FX License Manager or from your downloads location (usually the Downloads folder within your user folder). To complete the Core Library installation, follow the instructions for your platform - Mac OSX or Windows.


4. When the Core Library installation is complete, you are ready to authorize BFD3.